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Discmania Active Premium Tailor

Discmania Active Premium Tailor

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When you need something to get you close to the basket, sew the line with a Tailor! Capable of several different flight patterns at a lower arm speed, the Tailor is one of our top recommendations for beginner players looking to thread the needle to the green.

Intermediate to advanced players can fit a Tailor into their bags for straight shots, slow fading hyzers, or sharp turning anhyzers. Throwing a Tailor with a bit less power lets players focus on executing a smooth throw, and get excellent results with its high glide. Apply a bit more power, and watch it flip from hyzer to flat and slowly turn.

Tailor was first introduced to the public via the 2022 Mystery Boxes with great reviews.

Please note: All Active line discs come in approximately 165-170 grams.

About Active Premium material: The Active Premium plastic is translucent and highly durable plastic. Active Premium discs are commonly notably more overstable than their Active plastic counterparts. 

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