• Coming in 2024! Par 2

    PAR2 is a casual unsanctioned tournament with nine to eighteen holes, all 180’ and under. For many, the goal is to have fun in a lighthearted, competitive environment, and it is usually a flex start so players can spend as much or as little time as they’d like at the event. Players use the provided discs in their players pack for all throws. Running a PAR2 event is easy to set up, no matter the amount of people.

  • Coming in 2024! ACE RACE

    It's a fun event that helps disc golf grow by introducing thousands of new players to the joys of the sport! Each participant gets a huge player pack of cool stuff, then everyone plays two rounds of disc golf, but instead of keeping score the only goal is to throw aces (also known as a hole-in-one)!

  • Co-ed Events

    Male and Female tag together in a doubles match vs others!

  • Trilogy Challenge coming May-July 2024