• Work with a top player in the area to help impove your game!

  • Dutch Napier #31473

    Highest rating 1010

    75 wins

    Member Since 2006

    $75 per hour at Yellow Creek

    $100 per hour non Yellow Creek

    $250 for a group clinic or Facebook Messenger

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  • Trevor Harbolt #26860

    Highest rating 1012

    24 Wins

    Member since 2005

    Touring Professional since 2014

    $50 an hour. Minimum 2 hours.
    This comes with basic tips, working with form or whatever else the client needs in full details

    Full round with tips and technique critique is $35 an hour.

    Contact if interested

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  • Keith Gallusser #25831

    Highest rating 1000

    27 Wins

    Member since 2004

    $40 per hour

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  • Robert Deener #81423

    Disc Golf/Strength/Fitness Coach

    Price is Negotiable

    Contact if interested

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