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2023 Ledgestone Discraft Z Heat

2023 Ledgestone Discraft Z Heat

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Originally introduced to the world during Discraft’s Ace Race in 2014, this disc went on to join Discraft’s full-time lineup as the “Heat.” The Heat is an understable fairway driver with supreme glide, a small outer rim and a domey flight plate. It is especially controllable for slower arms and brand new players and can be manipulated to fly on hyzer-flip lines as well as finesse shots and straight-line pulls. In the Z Swirl plastic, the Heat will have a hint of added overstability with an increased tackiness in the grip. Expect this run to hold its flight characteristics well into its life. The beautiful swirls infused into the colorful and translucent Z plastic will make this run of Heat highly sought after. This was part of a limited run of 2000 Heats. Here is the flight chart for the Heat:

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